How it begain

As with all things HDStreetwise started with the small things.

Founder Shelley Hubon, began fundraising for the homeless while she was working at the St John of God Hospital in Subiaco. $1,500 was raised from a morning tea organised by Shelley with the support of her Accounts Team. St John of God Hospital’s outreach program matched the funding dollar for dollar. The morning tea fundraiser was then taken up by different departments within St John of God Hospital,

Shelley eventually left St John of God to begin her own business in 2007 and continued to be actively involved in charity work. Through her charity work, Shelley was exposed to the plight of Perth’s homelessness and began her own efforts to assist those in need.

Shelley campaigned family, friends and everyone she met to donate backpacks, water bottles and any toiletries (mini soaps, shampoos & conditioners that people collect from hotels) that they were no longer using. Shelley would then package these up and deliver them to those on the streets

Shelley began to investigate ways she could get people involved without asking for cash. These programs are still running strong today.
In 2010, HDStreetwise was formally incorporated and has been led by a volunteer committee from a diverse background of experiences.
The organisation has grown over the past ten years to include many inventive opportunities for people to donate, get involved and sponsor the charity.
HCDStreewise operates with the business practice that 75% of any profit must be directed to the outreach programs and the remaining 25% towards overhead costs.

Initially this program started out with the collection of back packs and water bottles which were donated to likeminded organisation's such as Passages and Vincent Care to be distributed to those in need. This then expanded to include toiletries, towels

Today HDStreetwise is now hands on and facilitates many outreach programs which includes accepting donations, preparing emergency packs and distributing directly to the Homeless or Families and individuals in crisis.

Sunday’s - a team of volunteers attend a location in Perth and provide food and emergency relief items to the homeless


Working with industry partners, HDStreewise provides emergency relief packages. Donations are received for clothing, blankets, toiletries, etc., the items are sorted, itemised and packed by volunteers.



Working with Industry Partners, HDStreetwise assists clients who are in crisis situations who are seeking employment and require appropriate clothing for job interviews.

Working with Industry Partners, HDStreetwise receives donations of women’s handbags and toiletries. These are prepared and packaged by the volunteers and donated to the “Collie Valley Investing in our Youth” as well as being made available to the homeless in Perth.

Students from UWA cut up fabric squares   for the quilting program. HDStreetwise attends as guest speakers to assist in education of the plight of homeless and people in crisis. HDStreewise also offers workshops for students where they can attend the shop, learn about the many programs and participate in packing up emergency relief items



HDStreetwise provide emergency relief packages (clothing, towels, blankets, toiletries etc.) which are only provided to homeless youth through the North Bridge and Mandurah Passages outlets.

The Birthday Program has been in operation for 10+ years. In consultation with mental health and homeless support services HD Streetwise provides an age appropriate and individually tailored birthday present for individuals, children and adults who are living in relief accommodation.

HDStreetwise receives donations of fabric that are cut into squares by volunteers. These are then distributed to the Quilting Angel volunteers (who can be anywhere within a 400km radius) to be sewn into quilts. The quilts are then directly distributed by HDStreetwise through the outreach program.

If you would like to to become a HDStreetwise volunteer down load this Form