HDSTREETWISE Quilting Angels

From Maddington to Dongara and beyond. A dedicated group of volunteer’s link city to country in providing quilts to the homeless of Perth’s streets, with some quilts making a 1000km journey before they reach their destination.
A heart-warming effort to help keep those in need warm this winter is forming a
unique bond between people across regional and metropolitan WA.
Primarily facilitated by HDStreetwise in Perth, scores of people from every
walk of life are assisting in making quilts for the homeless.
What makes this story unique is not simply the 1000 kilometres each quilt
travels to find its eventual owner, but the genuine love and care put into every
finished product.
The process begins by fabrics being donated throughout the as far south as
Secret Harbour and Perth regional and even the Mid West, finding its way to
HDStreetwise in Maddington.
Where volunteers made up of individual people from all walks of life many
with their own life challenges assist with cutting the fabric into squares once
they are cut, they are sent up and spread out throughout the Mid West - with
people from Dongara, Carnamah, Perenjori and Mingenew assisting with the
assembling of each quilt.
Once complete, the quilts are piled into the back of a car and sent down to
Hdstreetwise, ready to be distributed out on the street to those in need.
Ms Hubon and her team take them into Weld Square (Northbridge) on a Sunday
and pass on not only the quilts, but toiletries and other necessities for those who
need it most.
It is a sight few get to see, but the emotion is unforgettable.
“Between 75 and 100 people are there every Sunday,” she said. “80 per cent of
them are male.
Win this beautiful quilt. Raffle tickets $5.00 each. On sale 16 & 17 August 2018 at the McIntosh & Son Mingenew Midwest Expo in the family pavilion and from HDStreetwise op shop in maddington. All proceeds to HDStreetwise outreach programs for the homeless #hdstreetwise #Mingenewexpo17 thanks to D's Longarm Quilting and Mick Elaine McKeown family
More Squares cut for our HDSTREETWISE  Quilting Angels thanks to our lovely volunteers,
A big thank you to our Angels in the Mid West and Kym McGlinn Owner of The Empty Bobbin for being the driving force behind our HDStreetwise Quilting angels