Birthday Sponsorship Program

Birthdays are a very special day!    

Each year we should take the time to celebrate our entrance and our existence into this world.

The homeless or people in crisis  also deserve to feel special on this special day" their birthday".

HDStreetwise Birthday sponsorship program helps remind  people that they are not alone, many of these individual's or families have been living on streets and are now living in halfway houses scattered around the metro area. They are working to get back into society either personal development of job training. 

Some of the people on our list are individual's or families that have been re-housed due to emergency situations. 

You can help make someone smile with surprise, help someone feel the joy, simply by sharing the gift of giving with someone less fortunate


If you would like to become a regular birthday sponsor you can register by clicking here  or emailing and as sponsorship form will be emailed to you.

Once this form is completed and lodged you will be given details .( First Name - Sex - and age ) of your sponsorship recipient . 

1. If you would like to add the personal touch and purchase a Gift (no greater than $20) and the very important card. You will need to deliver the gift to our depot 1 week before the birthday date.  

2. Some sponsors find it easier to simply transfer $20. and we will purchase the gift and sign the card on their behalf . 

3. If you would like to do a one off sponsorship you can simply select "become a Birthday Sponsor " in our Featured selection.